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Пятница, 23 Фев 2018

Commercial production

Production of commercials in Cinealliance company is complicated and crucial process. Consecutive performance of the following steps is required for this process:

  • Pre-production – i. e. what comes prior to production of commercial

  • PPM (pre-production meeting) – approval of all details of the prospective commercial by stage director, customer, representatives of the agency and other persons concerned

  • Production – shooting of commercial. It is the shooting process. Work with actors, work in filming area.

  • Postproduction– video mounting, making computer graphics and animation, making special effects, etc.

  • Script development – it could be submitted by customer or written by specialists of production studio based on brief study

  • Splitting into scenes – graphical presentation of the prospective video and splitting it into scenes

  • Preliminary cost estimate – budget is planned and key aspects are specified

  • Director Selection

  • Approval of splitting into scenes. . Finalization of the scenario and its endorsement

  • Final cost estimate and signing a contract

  • Preparation to shooting:
Casting of actors
Installation of decorations
Selection of filming area

  • Shooting process - shall be implemented in strict compliance with scenario

  • Postproduction - mounting shot video and adding special effect, dubbing.


Successful production is based on modern digital and film based technology, knowledge and operational experience with advanced technology at all levels, including cameras, optical instruments and devices, lightning and auxiliary equipment, mounting techniques and image processing.