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Пятница, 23 Фев 2018

Cinealliance Company


Cinealliance is a company that has successfully worked on the advertisement market since 1999. During that period there was no modern filming equipment on the Azerbaijan cinematography market. Therefore, since the first days of its establishment Cinealliance has continuously renewed its technical facilities with the latest modern equipment of foreign manufacturers only.


Company overview

As of today Cinealliance is a first-rate manufacturer in Azerbaijan providing a full range of services in advertisement making, film production and TV products. During the past period, the Company has gained a unique experience in directing production and cooperation with foreign partners. Broad technical and intellectual potential, good traditions, qualified personnel enable us to provide creative, flexible, and available services, to find out the best technical solutions as well as to establish dependable partner relationships.


Cinealliance also lease out the cutting-edge equipment line for production of films, TV series, commercials, music videos, documentaries, etc. Cinealliance production has at his disposal the full set of shooting equipment in compliance with Euro standards, non-linear editing stations, render-farm and full set of equipment for making the complex computer graphics and animation.


 Cinealliance has all capabilities for 35 mm and 16 mm format shooting. The cinemachinery is serviced by high-level specialists. These specialists not only service it but also can assist in putting into practice the creative ideas of operators.

Auxiliary equipment
Professional cinemachinery, television equipment, lightning set of direct and scattered light, umbrellas, reflectors, railing, steadicam, etc. are used during the shooting.
МWe can suggest transportation of our equipment to the filming area as well as suggest leasing of in-car generators of various power (light trucks), camera trucks, and accessories for shooting fighting scenes, for auto tricks – auto slide, auto platforms.

Helicopter shooting
Devices for helicopter shooting (gravihoe), 10 meter crane with three axial and A/V head enable to put your plans into practice at any time and at any place.