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Пятница, 23 Фев 2018

Operator’s Hardware

prevUnfortunately, many people consider a good professional video camera to be an operator’s only hardware required for shooting. In fact, a score of various hardware models are required even for a low-budget film: cameras, tripods, camera dollies, dollies, railings for those dollies, monitors of various sizes, a few score of group devices, cassettes, accumulators and a great number of others.

And the lion’s share of the film budget is spent on the operator’s hardware and there is no wonder as only the professional camera costs thousands dollars. Even for shooting the simplest film a score of cameras are required. Therefore, it is even terrible to imagine what the price of the camera would be without which not a single film could be shot.


That is exactly why the experienced operators prefer just hiring all required operator’s hardware to spending a vast amount of money for purchasing. It enables to reduce expenses by dozens, or even hundreds times so that hiring the operator’s hardware is a feature that distinguishes a professional from an amateur who can spend half a budget for purchasing an equipment to be used just once.

Be sure that all required operator’s hardware starting from the elementary camcorders up to camera dollies can be hired at our Company for more than reasonable prices. We are always ready to assist young beginner operators in choosing the equipment as well as to provide the professionals with a broad range of operator’s hardware. As every your victory is our success to some extend as well.

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