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Пятница, 23 Фев 2018

Presentation film as an important tool for conduct of business

prevManagers who make a decision to make a presentation film about their company often don’t know exactly what kind of film they should make: corporate, image-building or some other film. Moreover, many people often confuse these concepts or consider them being various names for the same kind of film and that doesn’t reflect the reality.

In fact, there are several kinds of presentation films: image-building film, corporate film, exhibition film, educational film, reporting film, instruction film, video catalogue, new product presentation, POS-film, technological film. Each of these films has its own features and provides for achievement of definite goals. Contemporary business has a specific character that is various effective innovations, unconventional ideas and solutions are integrated into it more often than the customers and partners get information about it. Nevertheless, the customers and the partners should be informed on the results of cooperation.

Presentation is the best solution for this goal. It will enable the customers to get all required information in convenient form and you will be enabled to get maintained the confidence and a wish to further cooperation with you resulting from this confidence. For this purpose you have to demonstrate regularly to the customers and the partners as well as the potential customers the results of your activity, the achievements of the company in definite areas, development prospects, new technologies being introduced into manufacture, etc. All the aforementioned shouldn’t be presented as a long boring film, but it should be skillfully shot imagery which narrates in business manner without excess exaggerations and at the same time not in too boring and mind-bending manner.

Start-up companies that have just made a name for themselves on the market are particularly in need of the presentation film. Development of a trademark for start-up companies is up to advertising agency and a professional production studio will undertake making a presentation film. Professionals know how and in what form the material could be skillfully presented so that the film could solve all the imposed tasks (building positive image, increase in demand for product, attraction of new partners, etc.).

As a rule, customers run to extremes. Some of them consider business style of a film exceptionally good courtesy while the others assume the attitude of modern supervisors and therefore they don’t hail the excessive jabber and infatuation with terminology in presentation films replacing it with humor. It is up to you to decide which position is better but in the context of film perception it would be correct to combine business style (demonstration of charts, business plan, etc.) with journalistic style (narration on achievements of the company) and artistic style (history of the company), etc.

It is not easy to write a skillful script for such film. Reasonably combining all elements of presentation so that transition from a business tone to a lighter one would be appropriate is a job for professionals and not for amateurs. Elements of corporate video, image building or educational films can be included in the presentation film everything depends on type of presentation, its objectives and tasks. However, a presentation film shall not demonstrate all possible information about the company. Maximum information shall be disclosed in those aspects only which meet the performance targets otherwise production of presentation film will not achieve the set goals.

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