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Пятница, 23 Фев 2018


Professional Solution.

prevProfessional shooting is impossible without proper lightning and light arrangement. Overall impression of the film show depends on lightning selection, play of shadow. For proper ... read more

ARRI Alexa is available for lease.

prevNow ARPI Alexa is also available for lease in our company. Alexa, a leading digital camera in the digital cinematography, has replenished our stock recently! Alexa is available ... read more

Presentation film 

prevManagers who make a decision to make a presentation film about their company often don’t know exactly what kind of film they should make: corporate, image-building or some other film. Moreover, many ... read more

Operator’s Hardware.

prevUnfortunately, many people consider a good professional video camera to be an operator’s only hardware required for shooting. In fact, a score of various hardware models are required even for a low-budget film... read more